Alarm 9 on Fox alien 4040cnc with laser attachment

Hello just beginning with running my laser and at first the homing worked and know I get an alarm 9 going off and nothing moves.

Not sure what to do and im confused with the things I read about the issue, tried the suggested fixes and nothing has happened

Do you remember what you did to kill Homing, or does that still work?

A CNC mill typically works in the -X-Y quadrant, but Lightburn works in the +X+Y quadrant. Search the forum for G10 L2 P1 for info on this issue and how to solve. You might also try searching for FoxAlien or Fox Alien.

If your controller is GRBL based, entering $$ in the Console window will produce a string of numbers.

Come back if you have more questions.

You could try this setting also.

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