Alarm Code 3 - Laser stops during process & begins "bouncing" around

Hi Everyone! I’m new to using this desktop laser & have not one time been successful with it. Can anyone help me understand where I may be going wrong? Thanks!

The laser homes when powered on WITHOUT the USB cable connected to laptop.
Once I plug in the USB cable to laptop using Lightburn, the lights turn red & blue/purple.

Then, once I attempt to move the laser to where I want to set the origin point on my product, it either…

A) doesn’t move at all (using the controls in LB of course), or…

B) the laser head moves in small increments 1 click at a time.

Once I get the laser head positioned, then frame my image on the product, it fires okay, then stops lasering the image, within less than a minute & starts jogging to the right, in small increments again, somewhat violently. I have to manually stop it so it doesn’t hit the rail.

Screenshot of Laser Alarm

Screenshot2 Errors

Have you checked your cable connections?
the one on the ‘x’ axis on mine used to come loose and do a similar thing(cable tied now)

Checked your grbl settings with my defaults (i keep a copy on the descktop)
and the ones i see are the same as mine although you seem to be missing $50=0
Don’t know if that is a problem?
All i have checked are from $31 to $132.


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