Alfawise C30 getting started. How?

Hi there,
new to the group, hello. i bought a c30 about a year ago and i am only setting it up now. is there any beginners guide to setting up a laser from scratch, as i have been at it the last few days and no luck. i have checked setting from here also and changed them and it seams like it wont eve connect to the laser now. I keep getting a laser busy message. anyone willing to help me set this up. i am running a mac 2021. so that has big sur. do i need to update the firmware on the laser? how do i go about that

Hi, welcome.
When you power on the laser does it home ?
Have you checked on the ‘laser’ tab in Lightburn to make sure you have it in ‘Devices’
If it is, try right clicking the ‘Devices’ button to reset.

HI Kris
No the light flashs for a moment and thats it.
ya it seams to be in the correct device and GRBL is aloso selected

Have you tried a different COM port?
May sound like a daft question but is the laser plugged in to the mains?
The computer will power the lights on the laser and makes it look like it’s powered on.

No i didnt try that. I will try a different com port so. Will let you know what happens

The com port didnt seam to make a difference, but i now can type a word and start a burn and the laser comes on but it doesnt mark the wood. the x axis doesnt seam to be working either. i can manually move the y axis no problem

Can you post a picture of the ‘cuts/layers’ settings

Check these against yours in the ‘console’ by typing $$ and hitting return.
These are the defaults.



































Sorry for the delay i was away form the computer working the last few days. is that the cut?layer settings?
i posted my g codes too. will i change them to the way you have them and see how it works?

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