Alighment issues when scanning / cutting

Hi guys

We have a Bodor laser machine with a ruida rdc6442s-b and a bed size is 1300x900mm. We tend to load a number of smaller jobs into one large job, download and cut all at once. Most of the time everything works just fine but now and again we are seeing a vertical drift on items that are a combination of scanning, scoring and cutting. I’ve uploaded an image that shows two issues; firstly the engraved text has been shifted up (should be under the cut line; secondly if you look at the puzzle pieces the lines don’t meet which in the design files and lightburn they do. Any ideas?



That looks like you are losing steps somewhere along the way. The most common cause of this is your acceleration value being set too high, so when the system moves between cuts the steppers slip a little.

What are the values on your system for these machine settings?

My larger laser had the Idle and Cutting acceleration set very high, and it caused skipping when running jobs with lots of small parts, so I lowered it. (this is a test controller, so these values are lower than my production machine, so don’t take these as suggestions)

Interesting… our values are lower than this…

I’ll try lowering futher and see if this helps.

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