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Hi is it possible to align object (rectangle) not to the inside edge but outside edge of big rectangle like one of this ?

Move H together and Move V together:


They need better names, but that’s what they do. You select multiple objects, and the last selected object is the anchor (IE, it is not moved). Other objects will be moved left or right to be flush with the last object, and it will work with many at once, like this:


With the center object selected last, the bottom row is the result of using ‘Move H Together’ on the top row of objects.

Great, this is what I need. Is there any hotkey for these option ?

There aren’t at this time, no.

It would be very helpful if you add hotkeys option for "Move H Together " in next update.

Can somebody help me with one issue :I want to create the object that I marked in circle, this object was made from merged four bottoms of walls. I suppose that it need be boolean option or something like that, am I right ?41

Duplicate the two shapes, then use Boolean Intersection, like this:


The result:

Hi, is there a hotkey for rotate ?

, and . (above < and > on North American keyboards) will rotate by 90’s.

Thanks a lot. One moe thing : I wanted to combine two objects, and when I clicked “Weld” one of the object disapered, why ?

It’s hard to see what you’re doing there, but my best guess is that the small rectangle wasn’t actually a rectangle, but 4 lines grouped together. Since each line has no area, it would be discarded - they would have to be joined into a proper single object first. Un-group them, select them, and use Edit > Auto Join selected shapes. (assuming that my guess is correct)

One more thing. How to avoid double cutting of that same line that belongs to both of the objects ?

If the nodes line up exactly, click the ‘Optimization Settings’ button and enable ‘Remove Overlapping Lines’:



Hi, what hotkeys are for Drag View and Zoom to Page ?

You can use middle mouse button to drag around. Or you can use space + left mouse to do the same.

Zoom is your mouse wheel. Also the + and - works for that.

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