Align . . . Next to Each Other?

There are helpful commands to align left/right, top/bottom/ and center.

But is there a way to get the right side of an object to align with the left side of an object . . . or the top of one object to align to the bottom of another?

Or . . . if two objects could be aligned next to each other at a distance of “x” millimeters?

These would help make the most efficient use of space . . . and in the case of two such aligned rectangles, only a single pass cut could be made for the side they have in common.

To move object together, use Arrange : Distribute

But plan your work / job execution to eliminate overlapping lines if you choose to do this. Otherwise there will be no time saved AND you will most likely char / melt the work piece. Also keep in mind when you double up a cut line, the effect of the kerf on the part size may be different to an object sharing a line than to an object independently cut.


Cool! Thanks so much.

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