Align Vert and Horiz controls

This is not a complaint… but when I click the Align Vertical button I expect the selected objects to align vertically. I understand that occasionally someone will want to align to top or bottom and the button works for those functions, but 95% of the time I think people want to center vertically?
I come from 25years with a Sign making program where the number pad aligns things- Cntl 5 centers, Cntl 6 aligns the right edges, etc., which has always left my mind satisfied. Thanks for listening and thanks for a great piece of software art. Gene

Are you referring to this?

While we picked different keys for these, we do offer Hotkeys. Is this what you are after? Hotkeys - LightBurn Software Documentation

Yessir- I am aware, just passing on my thoughts. This is not even close to the top of my issues list and if I was 50 years younger I am sure I would adapt more easily. Thanks again.

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