Alignement problem

Hello, don’t know how to resolve this. I have a chinese 5 w laser used for engraving.
I have no limit switch.
I define my 150 x 150 mm wood piece.
Then i import a svg image that fits in the 150 x 150, except the handles for expanding the image are outside the 150 x 150. If I use the locator,(the tool that moves the laser around) i stay inside the 150 block of Wood. If i start the laser it goes behond my 150 x 150 piece of wood. I use the left lower corner as the start of job, start from current position, and home the laser with the little house icon.
Thanks so much for your help

Please forgive me if I’m misunderstanding the issue, it’s hard to accurately describe the issue in a forum as well as try to envision the issue.

So what the problem is if I understand this correctly is that the expanders are outside the image and thats the whole issue?

How big is the workspace? My machine has a 400 mm x 410, so I’m assuming you are maxed out?

Does the image have to be exactly 150 x150? Can it be a bit smaller?

Thanks for trying to help. So I have a 100 mm x 100 mm work space. I have no limit switch. Here’s what I do. I position the laser using the arrow keys to the left lower corner and hit the little house icon which I think is the home position. My image is is a 150 mm by 150 that I position in the left hand low end of the design window. If I use the position icon function (the one that looks like the google earth locator) I can move the laser (with the fire on low power) and move around correctly on my piece of 150 x 150.
When I start laser it goes behond boundary, and light burn even warns me that I may be off of bounce.
Simply said, how do I engrave with no limit switch to home the laser.
Thanks in advance


Oups my workspace is 1000x1000

And I tried start from current position, from user origin and absolute coordinates

What do you mean here, exactly? What did you do to do this? Provide each step please.

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