Aligning a double sided engraving

I’m trying to do a double-sided engraving. I start off with a perfectly square piece and engrave a circle on one side, flip it over the other side and engrave the same design on the other side and cut the circle out of the square blank. The blanks are positioned exactly the same on the bed. The circle is always about 1/16 of an inch offset left to right. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

There is something that is not centered or your starting position from the square does not have the same distance to X and Y.
I control my “mirror” setups with the mirror function of LightBurn, if I press horizontal or vertical mirroring, I should not be able to see any difference. (only the template itself, the content must be suitable for this test, text does not work, for example :wink:

This video might be of help as well.

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