Aligning odd shapes to origin

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I have a shapeoko 3 xl and a jtech 7w laser that I have been playing around with for about a week. If I cutout a shape on my router (first example is a mantle with 5 stockings ornament) then load that same geometry into light burn and add in graphics and names, I can never line up properly to the work piece.

What is the proper work flow that people are using when they have shapes other than circles, rectangles and squares where you can easily pickup center or corners?

For anyone who has the same question… i just updated to 9.09 and Print & Cut feature under the tool flyout menu does the trick!

Welcome, @Sbedow7885. I like you already! You…found LightBurn, had a question, found the answer, shared the answer with the community and marked the posted question as ‘Solved’ for others to find. You trying to become the new Self-Serve Support Hero, or what? Your name has definitely jumped up the leaderboard.:clap:

Thank you for the wonderful holiday present. :slight_smile: We appreciate it.

Always glad to help if I can, I learned a lot over the years from good people teaching me, so I will pass on what i can when i can.

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