Alignment issue or hardware issue on print/cut?

For the life of me, I’m unable to get an accurate print/cut and wonder if someone can tell by my test cut where I should begin to fix?

In the attached example. The top center circle is near perfect…the rest are slightly wonky when doing cut/print.
The registration marks were lined up using a pulse for accuracy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try placing your orientation marks further apart, e.g. in each corner of the page.

That didn’t make a difference. I’m afraid it is a hardware issue .

It’s not what I was hoping for, but it was a well-intentioned suggestion.

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Are you seeing other cutting issues that make you say this? Or does this just happen with print and cut?

Also, are you using pulse because you don’t have a red laser for alignment?

I am using pulse, yes.

I did randomly notice recently when I rotated an item (I was cutting a cross) that the original and the rotated copy didn’t match up when I was gluing them together for layered item.
It was a cross–upright was good, rotated 90 degrees and the same graphic didn’t match exactly.

There could be a few different things going that you’ll need to sort out which applies to you:

  1. Dimensional accuracy of your laser’s motion. Draw a square as large as can be reasonably burned in one go on your laser. Compare the design dimensions vs actual dimensions.
  2. Potential loss of steps. You’ll need to determine if you’re potentially losing steps somewhere. Either through belt slipping or motors skipping. This would be apparent if there are gaps in your burn or if shapes aren’t aligning. You could create a grid of squares and burn at your typical speeds. If the squares are malformed or the squares not all aligned then this is a sign of losing steps.

If none of these things are going on then it could still be a process issue with Print and Cut.

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It actually DID improve after I calibrated on the large square…Thank you! Not quite perfection yet but much better

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