Alignment positions

I am sure I am doing something wrong, could someone set me right please? When inputting text etc I have tried using the alignment commands, both on the toolbar and in the windows tab, they are not highlighting at all, I have looked on google/youtube and this section, perhaps I am phrasing the query incorrectly, apart from that if someone could advise me I would bemost grateful.

Marc, would you not be so kind as to come up with a small example, it makes it much easier to understand and be able to help you.

Hi Mark, you have to select the text and whatever you want to align it with and then the ‘alignment’ option should highlight.

Thanks Chris, I think I need to make some notes as I go along, brain is like a sieve! For example I had already done this but for the life of me couldn’t remember how to burn text filled in 30mins later realised need to do text assign line + fill to that and then add the box! no hope for me.

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