Alignment Problems

New here
Sorry if this is a stupid question
So I have the image I am doing
However the laser seem
To be not in alignment
The floor is set to it’s dimensions 16”x24”
The material is at 4”x 4” wood
The image is set to 3” x 3” how do I set this without resizing image
And is there some help with the power and max min regarding soft metal like a candle tin ? I think I have all of this wrong any one can help or assist willing to pay for this help 1:1 thanks

You will get a 3x3 image on a 4x4 part…?

Just set the material in the correct place and you don’t have to resize the image. Use shift ‘frame’ to see where it’s going to put the image.

Generally we don’t change the machine configuration as the size of material changes. The machine needs to know how big everything is or you couldn’t move it out of the way… other issues crop up also…

You need a fiber laser or something much more powerful for metal.

There are methods of ‘binding’ another material to it via the heat generated by the beam. The ‘Norton Tile’ method is one, I use Laser Bond 100, but I think it’s for a co2 laser.

I can’t engrave metal either with my 50 watt co2… Sizzled a $30 lens from the reflection off stainless steel…

Metal reflects most of the energy from this frequency laser. Your small diode laser has most of it’s energy reflected. Then metal ‘sinks’ the heat away quicker very quick.

Good luck.


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