Alignment tool in latest update

Is there an issue with the vertical and horizontal centering tool? They seem to be reversed in the newest update, at least on mine. Thank You

Not that I am seeing in the released 0.9.19 Mac and Windows versions. Can you show an example of what you are seeing?

Compared to 0.9.18 it’s still the same. Anyway, it would be more “logic” to reverse order. When I choose boolean add or substract, I usually select the “main” subject first and then What to add/substract… So it wolud be fine to select Master Object, and then what else I want to align to it. But personally, when it’s going bad way, I do it the other way and it works :wink:

The selection order matters, yes, but that is not what I think is being asked. If I understand this correctly, when selecting the align centers vertically, they observe the shapes aligning horizontally.

Is that correct @BobF?

LightBurn uses the following concept for selection: “Do this, to that.”

In most cases, I’m going to do a thing to a thing, Subtract this shape from that shape. Move this to there. Align this to that. Array thisthat many times, and so on. Please don’t mind if you ever hear me mumbling these phrases to myself while doing my work. It helps me remember. :wink:


Comedy is often best and truly funny when a statement such as this is said (something I personally relate to and 100% do). I literally talk and say the logic just as you have described. Sometimes, I even throw in a few choice colorful words. But yes, I ALWAYS talk the logic aloud while working.

In my shop? Well, yeah…that too. When falling from my pie-hole… can sometimes be loud enough, the entire neighborhood “gets” to enjoy my process.

Yes, vertical moves horizontal and visa versa.

The irony is, that (and I have tried it right now) when you substract, the logic is From that shape this shape. (you substract the shape #2 from shape #1, and not “substract this from that” as you wrote :slight_smile:
That’s what I told about .

Huh? so that’s definitely not a question to me :frowning: I don’t know. I didn’t expect this kind of reverse you’re talking about.

It’s A minus B. First shape minus second shape, just as you’d write it in math. :slight_smile:

wow… so align is like programmers xA := xB - Now I can remember it :wink:

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