All my manual tabs have gone after update to 1.2!


I have updated to ver. 1.2 and now when I load my current lightburn files, all my manual tabs on all the files have gone.

I still have a version 1.1 on another computer and there they still are. Is there a way to update and keep my tabs?

many thanks.

The tabs are still there but accidentally disabled. If you open the cut settings dialog for the layers in question you can re-enable the tabs with the “Tabs / Bridges” checkbox.
It’s just a bug with loading the file - it has been fixed as of this morning and won’t be a problem anymore after the next patch release - which will likely be soon.


Interesting… But we tried that and the tabs were still gone.

Looking forward for the patch.

Many thanks.

Can you send me the file?

Yes, sure. How can I send you a file?

Just upload it to a response here.

test.lbrn2 (8.9 KB)

This is only a part of our complete file, but should already show the problem.

This file is acting as it should. Yes, in the current v1.2.00 released version the tabs start out disabled but when toggled to enabled they show the only tabs that exist.
Layer C03 has tabs enabled in your file but they are set to manual tabs and there are no shapes in that file that uses C03 and has any tabs defined.
Layer C27 has manual tabs set and there is a single shape using that layer which does have tabs defined, and they show up as expected when the tabs switch is toggled.

Ok, thanks for testing. I have no version 1.2 available here and I don’t dare to update for the moment. But when I am at the place where they have the 1.2 version, I will give it a try.

Many thanks.


I had the chance to test the version 1.2 today and effecively, only the ‘tabs’ switch is off, if you switch it on, the tabs are there. But if you switch the ‘tabs’ on and save the file, the switch is still off, after you load the saved file.

Correct. It’s just a bug in loading the tab enabled state. We have a patch release coming very soon that fixes this.

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