All of a sudden, spots

So my first one was good, now I have dots everywhere. Checked my lens and cleaned it. Cleared my air lines. Nothing I do works. If I run the same thing in RDworks I don’t get the dots. Need help please. Thank you. Using a Boss Laser 2436, 65W

Are these processed entirely in LightBurn, or are you dithering them outside of LightBurn? If so, are you using the pass-through option? (You need to if the image is dithered externally)

I did this all in LightBurn. The first one I did was great. Now i’m getting dots. I usually do all of my work in Lightburn only.

The dots in the top image are normal - that’s from the shading (dithering). What settings are you using for these? If your power is too high the dots will be deeper and more pronounced than necessary.

Sounds like it was the pass through option.

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