All of my library art has disappeared

I had loaded several images into my art library and now they are all gone. I am not aware of any changes that I might have made that might have resulted in them images disappearing.

I am new to Lightburn, so I cannot rule out inexperience with the software. Running a licensed version of 1.0.06 on Windows 11.

I can reload them, but would like to understand why.

Insights welcomed.


Sometimes windows loses track of where files are stored.
I often use or recommend a brute force search of the hard drive to find missing files or directories.

Search your computer for files with the .lbart extension - the libraries are just files on your PC, stored wherever you put them.

They might have been moved or deleted, preventing LightBurn from finding them, or it’s possible your preferences got corrupted, but you’d just have to re-load the library files to get them back.

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