All tabs have been removed from 100s of programs?

We have 100s of programs set up with the black layer having various sets of automatic tabs (depending on the machine we use, we have different tab dimensions).

I updated to 1.20 a couple weeks ago. Today I went to open a few of my programs (saved in a dropbox) and ALL my black-layer tabs are gone. All of them have tabs unchecked. Every single program is like this. Every single one.

In fact, I just re-tabbed a file, saved it, and then when re-opened it the tabs were turned off again.

Please tell me this is just a setting I accidently have on and not that 1.2 just wiped out about 3 years of work

I believe this to be a known bug, the following is a response from the dev’s

The tabs are still there but accidentally disabled. If you open the cut settings dialog for the layers in question you can re-enable the tabs with the “Tabs / Bridges” checkbox.
It’s just a bug with loading the file - it has been fixed as of this morning and won’t be a problem anymore after the next patch release - which will likely be soon.

Thank you. I did revert back to 1.1.04 and the tabs appear again. My mfg group is not capable of turning tabs on and off so I have to make sure what they open is the final version

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