Allowing multiple users on license with rekeying every time

We currently have several students able to log-in on the computer where Lightburn is installed, but they are having to type in the License Key every time they get on to use it. Is there a way around this?

I am a Mac weenie and not terribly skilled yet at Windows, but I am an admin on the computer and learning. Please be gentle.

We have a FAQ entry for this that walks you through it:

Sorry, meant to mention… we tried that and it doesn’t seem to have helped.
I am trying to avoid uninstalling and reinstalling it…

Uninstalling and re-installing LightBurn rarely does anything, because the installation is really just copying files into the correct places.

If you tried the above and it didn’t work, then one of two things likely happened:

  • You didn’t enter the license key properly on the command line
  • You weren’t in Administrator Mode when you opened the command terminal

The license should be “bare”, IE just copied exactly as you’d normally enter it, just with -l (lower case L) in front of it, then a space, then the key. The link above shows parenthesis around it, but don’t use those.

If you don’t start the command terminal as an administrator, the software doesn’t have the authorization required to write the settings file into the LightBurn program folder.

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