Alternatives to real leather ? ;-)

3mm MDF, 30mm/sec, 50%=13mA
The small shaft is made of 3mm round pine.
Constructed and drawn entirely in LightBurn.

I had to do some testing with the locking mechanism to find the right fit. There is a small nose on the upper part which has a corresponding recess inside the side of the “house” itself.

I have made them before in different variants with different locking systems. For me it’s “maintenance” of my brain and testing myself and LightBurn’s new versions and new features.
The process itself is very satisfying and when my sisters’ grandchildren visit me, they always look for my “tests” and new gadgets I have made. Of course they find the little wooden boxes and gizmos and their eyes light up and are big when they ask me if they can have them… Of course, I love it :wink: