Am i a crook? Have i been had?

Hi all. I ask this after going through all my files and coming across a bunch hiding in the dxf, dxf files, dxf more, dxf old… lol am the only one that has to clean up? … anyway these files look norrmal but after i open them in lightburn, i find they look multilayered many multiple parts on top of each other but all one colour so not layered really… then i do a dry cut run aand theres a million lead ins with huge circles?? I then thought ok i will trace it… no go… that feature is ghosted/transparent and cant be selected… never came across this, and seriously i dont know where files came from… oh and when i import them they are small, really small… anyone shed some light on lightburn ? Cheers, other than that im loving it and i use it for plasma cutting, have done so for a couple years now cheers

Upload one of the files her so I can take a look at it.


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