Am I blind, where is the Camera Cal in new version?

It used to be under Tools or edit but its no longer there.

I may create another topic to stay on point but also wondering if I have to engrave a new sheet every time I want to do the calibration, I tried last time and it was totally off. seems like a waste if its printing the same thing every time

Laser Tools in the top bar.
Edit was getting a little full. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about your vision. :wink:

Assume you’re talking about alignment and not calibration. Calibration doesn’t include an engraving step. For calibration you can use the same print time after time.

You could potentially use the same engraving for alignment if you could guarantee 2 things:

  1. exact reproducible placement of engraving since location matters
  2. same scale used every time

I think that covers it but I may be missing something.

perfect thanks

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