An Octoprint version for laser engravers?

I currently have 4 laser engravers, an Ortur 20w, an Ortur 7w, and Eleksmaker A3 pro, and a K40.

I’m wondering if there’s a version of Octoprint that works with laser engravers? I have 2 computers, one an old laptop that I’m notnsure how long it will last, and my desktop which is inside my house. All of my engravers are in my garage, and I’d like to have them hooked up to the octoprint and then have that hooked up to my wifi, if that’s possible. Has anyone done this before?


You could run them from a small linux system (eg RPi) running cncjs. I haven’t set this up yet, but will be in a month or so on a 3018CNC system. cncjs supports GRBL and SmoothieWare. I’m not sure if it has all the controls for Laser, but it’s JS, how hard can it be? :wink:

I would think Octoprint’s forum is the right place to ask this.

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