ANC5150 controller support

I was wondering if anyone was familiar with the ANC5150 controller and if it was compatible with lightburn?

It only has a network/Ethernet connection on the board. this is in a 150w dual head co2 laser from it is published as a dieboard laser cutter and appears to do what it is intended to, but it comes with agemotion6 (china)software and I absolutely despise it so far.I am hoping that I can use lightburn at least to some degree with this equipment as I am familiar with it from personal use at home on a k40 type laser.
Any information would be greatly appreciated

I haven’t heard of this controller before. It looks like a different / custom unit, so I’d be surprised if it worked with LightBurn.

I was expecting this, but always an optimistic :slight_smile:
I can at least get lightburn to see and connect to the controller via a trocen awc selection, but cant get to actually talk to each other. was getting my hopes up.
now if I can talk my employer into purchasing a rudia type controller that would work with this system. of course there is little to no support for this system in itself, and what little there is, the time difference and language barrier makes it interesting.
Thank you for your input on the matter!

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