Annealing Stainless Steel

Hello all. Happy Fall.

I can anneal my Stainless Steel Tumb, but it is slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Does anyone have any settings I can start with to “mark” / anneal? I’m doing what Laser Everything has done, but it took 40 minutes to mark that tumbler with the customer’s logo. I sent him one with his order to see if they like it.

This guy is using 50 for speed, and I was at 100, and it still took forever. I wouldn’t be able to do production work at that pace.

Go to Marker 3:15

Annealing metal takes a lot of heat input, and unfortunately for power-restricted setups, that takes time.


I forgot to mention what I have. 50w JPT Fiber.

I had the same gripe and mine is a M60. @Colin is correct, you are not blasting pieces out of it, just heating it…

Did you de-focus a bit?

You can try higher power along with a faster scan and/or lower frequency, maybe you can improve on it?


Thanks Mista J.

I may play around with the settings more this weekend and see if I can come up with something.

I think it’s more difficult getting there with 4 adjustments you can make…

You might look at the spreadsheet I posted for pules/mm and see if you match a similar value elsewhere…

Good luck… I’ll be waiting for the perfect resolution of this :crazy_face:


Got It !

I swapped out my 100 to the 200 so it wouldn’t have to be so precise.

Current Settings
50w JPT
2000 speed
38 pwr
600 freq
1 layer +45 scan angle
LPI 0.0254
Defocused as well

Real closeup, some of the letters show a wiggle kind of, but not noticeable just viewing it in your hand.