Anodized Aluminum Business Cards

Hi Everyone,
New to software and the Laser community.

Currently attempting to etch anodized aluminum business cards. Having difficulty in my settings.

I have a black and red 60w Chinese laser with Topwisdom Controller.

Settings 125/40

See photo, results

Laser head is in focus, any advise is greatly appreciated. Thank you

Can you provide an image of what it’s supposed to look like, and the settings you’re trying to use?

125/40 were the last setting attempted.
Cards to be printed on matte black, here’s what they looked like on my K40 before it stopped working. Thanks

What does the source artwork look like in LightBurn? (take a screenshot of the whole editor and post it, if you can)

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My husband posted for me. Thanks for your help and advice.

I meant, in LightBurn, with the settings showing, like this:

What does it look like in the preview?
I don’t see anything obviously wrong, but the various rectangles could be a problem if one of them is filled. The preview should show that. When you preview, if you grab the slider along the bottom and move it left to right, it will show the progress of the job, so you can see how the various parts are painted. That might help you isolate what’s happening.

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