Anodized aluminum RFID card case

Done with my 30w JPT fiber machine. Took 3 minutes & 40 seconds to do this one. I’ve made quite few, all with different images. Sold a dozen so far for $35 each and family members are getting them for Christmas gifts.


That looks great…

Did you process the photo entirely with Lightburn?

What lens?


I used a 200mm lens, 1100mm/s, 95% power. I resized the image in img-r and saved as a png with 508 dpi. In lightburn I used the gamma correction to bring out the mid tones a bit more. This is a procedure I most often use. Here are a couple more …

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Thanks for values…

Those look great, I can see why you sell a bunch of them.


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Wow! They look great. 1100mm/s?? Thats lightning fast…my next machines gonna be a galvo fiber for sure!