Another cheap laser

For those of you who like to “piddle” with “cheap” equipment…

Anyone tried this one?

MOD EDIT - Removed direct link as this is clearly a scam - Buyer beware

That’s too good to be true…

I’m into these, but that has ‘rip off’ written all over it…

Someone order it and let us know… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

This is just one…


It’s a rip off. Don’'t buy it.

When it is all the way down the scale, I have to bight. My wife will shoot me. Lol

This is the cost from Creality.

I really doubt they can sell it at that price. YES, your wife will shoot you. I hope you bought it with PayPal. At least you will have a chance to get your money back.

I paid $2k USD for a China Blue 50 watt machine… looks just like this

Found this one on a similar website…… check the price there.


I gave $2700 for my Omtech 60W/50W.
Love it every day I use it and have had little to no problems with anything.
I will post info if I ever get the unit. lol

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Ever seen something similar for $79 ?

Too good to be true … couldn’t even ship it here for that…

Next thing we know, it’ll be delivered… :face_with_spiral_eyes:


I seldom jump on cheap stuff. Been in business for over 70 years, man that doesn’t seem possible.
Very occasionally when I see something that I believe, cannot possibly be worth a dime, intrigues me.
Wife and I have been working our buns off all summer. It is time to have some fun and that is exactly what I am going to do with this “ahem” item.

I image they’d have to ship a few of them anyway.

Unfortunately, fun always seems to cost…


I did have to pay $9.95 for shipping. Maybe that is a good thing. Supposed to be shipped from California.

Last time I tried to see what I would receive with a scam, it was a pair of 99 cent safety glasses.

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100% scam.

Registration Private

Domains By Proxy, LLC <<< not responcible for anything! There is no other contact.

Expires On 2023-06-10

Registered On 2022-06-10

Updated On 2022-06-10

I purchased a $500 Toolbox for $59 from them some time ago and received a Cheap $10 Metal Nibbler tool instead. So yes it’s designed to peak your interest and to scam you out of your hard earned money.
If it’s too good to be true then it probably is. Buyers beware. OH! and don’t bother with support, there won’t be any.

I always just type ‘whois sitename’ in Linux and I get the same kind of output…

Ican used to restrict this to only .com domains. If I’m not sitting here asleep…

I tried your site, interesting… click on the ‘diagnostic’ tab …

Don’t know if they are trying to sell this domain or it’s an add for creating other sites. I noticed it’s doimains by proxy… maybe it handles it differently.

I noticed the registration

Registry Expiry Date: 2023-06-10T23:59:59.0Z


Same…must be their choice of product… :laughing:

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I am ne here, in the "business too.
I must say, I bought a cheap 18x30 cm unit with a 500mW laser ànd a spindle for routing (i don’t use it yet) but I changed the 500mW laser for a 2500mW one.
Cutting is fine now I found the adequate settings, but engraving isn’t really what it should be. Does anyone have an idea how i can get rid of the burn lines when the laser is supposed to just travel, without engraving or cutting? I tried higher speed for “Quick engraving intermediate space” but that doesn’t help.
I also have drawn a brick apparel with every line drawn only once but the engraving is completely erroneous. With other drawings it worked well. Tricks someone, pls???
Thanks in advance for your answers!

Make sure it’s $32 is set to 1. Some software keeps the spindle powered up when it’s moving…

That would be the first thing to check.


Thank You, Jack! Indeed, i used the GRBL program to check that parameter and its value was “zero”. I had to write it with that program but i’m not sure if the set (<200$!) is equiped with a NOVRAM. Just a question of checking the parameters every time i switch it on, i think. Anyway, i did the last job over and indeed the laser is now cut when it’s not supposed to work. Thanks a lot!!

Sounds like that solved it? Please mark it solved is that’s the case…

Some machines will allow you to change these parameters and save them, others do not.

Some you have to reset them after every re-boot…

Good luck