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I’ve been using Lightburn since Jan 2022 - and yesterday (Sun 10/1/2023) it suddenly started asking for a new activation and won’t allow me to use Lightburn. I’ve read several other threads about this. When I load up Lightburn, it brings up an activation window. It won’t let me past the window and closes Lightburn if I close the activation window. This is bad since I had a bunch of stuff I needed to cut yesterday.

Advice? Direction? Answers?

Try re-entering your key. It may be a one-time thing.

I received my copy of Lightburn through Boss Laser when I purchased the machine. I have no record of an individual license key that I can find.

Did Boss install LightBurn for you on your computer? If not, at some point a key must have been entered.

I’m not aware of how vendor provided licenses work but if you ever registered your email with LightBurn you may be able to check the License Portal for your key.

Failing that I suggest you email for further assistance.

Thanks for the reply. Boss Laser provided Lightburn (and other stuff) on a USB drive. I installed Lightburn on my machine from the USB thumbdrive and Lightburn has worked well for the past 19-20 months.

Did you check the USB drive to see if a key was included there?

I’ve gone through the USB drive, trying to locate a key, or file, or anything. Lots of documentation on lots of things - but nothing on the actual activation. And Boss has not yet returned my calls nor emails.

Even uninstalling and then reinstalling from the USB drive doesn’t fix the activation request.

That will not resolve this issue. We can not provide your key as it would still be registered to Boss and you will need to get it directly from them. Once you have the key, contact us via email and we can assign the key to your email, so you will not have to deal with this moving forward.

If you still have the packaging, I think Boss delivers the key on a printed card. This may have changed, but I do remember this is the way they used to provide keys for some time. Worth checking.

Thank you. I’ve contacted Boss - now waiting on them to get back to me.

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