Another new starter seeking advice

Hi, I’ve just read that someone else has found, like me, that the more research I do, the more frustrated I am getting.
For years I have engraved by hand using flexible shaft / and sophisticated Dremels.
I’m now 60 and want an easier life, but computers are not really my thing.
Am I wasting my time looking for a fiber laser, or are they in fact not so difficult to use, computer-wise?


The frustration is part of the learning curve in this game. You are at an advantage though you have 60 years experience before you start, I say go for it, you might get frustrated but there is a wealth of help out here.

Oh, I’m 64 I have a laser (Co2) I have a CNC router and a 3d printer and got them all in the last 6 years!

I may have a slight adantage in that I have had computers since the late 70’s and been in the IT industry since 1985 but don’t let that stop you it’s very rewarding when you get it right.

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Hi, coming up to my 60th and been a groundworker pretty much all my life, got my diode laser December 2020, and now looking for a co2 laser.
Loving the learning…every mistake is a lesson learnt and i make many of them :grin:

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Great replies for anyone, with or without experience, mostly we need desire. It’s also a great hobby and reason to talk to younger members of the family :blush:

I got my 3D printer in my 50s and CNC Router, CO2 and Diode lasers in my 60s. Up till then I had used a computer but never seen any of these machines. But I’m having so much fun operating them now.

Why not contact a laser supplier to discuss their laser range.

Most will invite you to their premises for a chat and demonstration where they can explain the lasering process (once Covid-19 restrictions have lifted) and some offer training as part of the purchase.

There’s plenty of inspirational videos on YouTube to help. I watched 50 “ThinkLaser Ltd” videos on YouTube before buying the lasers.

Maybe a local evening class on computers might help, and buying a cheap laser to practice on before buying an expensive fiber laser.

Above all it will take time and patience to operate a laser competently and a long time to master it.

Members on this site are helpful and always reply with advice and assistance when it’s requested.

Good luck whatever your decision, I don’t regret getting mine.

Yep, You Tube is a great resource for learning as well as the software. This blog is a good place to browse too and pick up some understanding and lingo. Noobe to lasers and loving it. Dive in!!

Thanks for your encouragement.
I am going for it😀

Thanks for your help :grinning:

Thanks to you all for your encouragement.
I’m even having difficulty learning how to write a global thank you.

`yes all a big learning thing for all us noob but between the forum and lightburns support it really has been easy you tube is a great tool also there are a lot of templates out there to try out i found using free template a great help now i just make my own and its a lot of fun there is on i found to be a challenge the apprentices maze box worth looking up i started with the diode laser about 8months ago now i have sold that one and have 2 co2 lasers and run a small business engraving all sorts of things
i think the biggest problem i have had is getting the right settings for different materials i noticed you said you are going to go for it and wish you all the best with it

If you are getting a fiber, you will be stuck with using EZCad, make sure you buy a machine with a genuine control card which can run version 2.14.11 which is the latest version of the software and is slightly better than older versions and will also run on more Windows based machines.

Unfortunately there’s no a Lightburn type alternative (yet) so you will have to deal with control software which does take some learning time and is sometimes frustrating. There are more and more YouTube help guides available which are well worth watching.

Thanks for your encouragement.
It’s much appreciated

Hi Ash,
Thanks for the advice. I still haven’t yet committed to the machine, but I am planning to do so maybe tomorrow.
Do you know the company called Wisley in China? They are offering me a 50 W JPT fiber laser for about 6,000$.
Do you think I can rely on them?
Thanks anyway. D

I have heard of Wisley, only bought some aluminium business cards from them. A lot of people in the Facebook Fiber Lasers Group, seem to have received machines from Wisely and have said they have had good service from the company. I understand the salesman who dealt with a lot of customers (Richard) is no longer with them.

I paid $6,000.00 for my 50w machine from Rayfine ( it came with a motorised Z, which is nice but not really necessary and the two LED focusing beams which I find quite handy. My machine is currently not working (after two years of being trouble free) I’m hoping it’s the power supply unit, which I have a replacement on order, if so a cheap fix, if not I’ll be looking at replacing the laser source, which will be a (very) expensive repair.

Wow, Julian, you ARE well informed. I went to Wisley because I heard good things about Richard. Yes, after an initial few emails, he left due to personal reasons, but he did say, on parting, that the company are reliable. I am now emailing with someone called Akie Young who has been meticulous about answering each question that I have asked, so that has impressed me.
Your remarks have also re-reassured me, so that can’t be bad.

David, do you want to do a small business with a fiber laser or do you choose this type of laser machine because you think it’s easier to get started with?

Hi Bernd,
I have a small business making personalised knives and jewellery, so yes, I have chosen the fiber laser specifically to engrave in metal which previously I was doing by hand.
Lettering was always a challenge if it had to be a logo or square block letters in capitals.
I have also been asked on several occasions if I can do photo representations which presumably a laser can do in its sleep.
Thanks for your interest in helping me.

Hi David, … then that fiber laser is exactly what you need. I was a little scared that you will miss the cutting options but now I understand it much better and you will definitely be happy with this choice.
The only pity about it is that you can not (yet) use LightBurn in the future for this laser type. But … it will surprise me if the good LightBurn people do not look at this huge new market. One day or another, they will probably come up with a fiber laser version.
PS. You do not have to worry about all that computer and new technology, it is great to learn it and your children or grandchildren will love to help you. I always have to keep an eye on my youngest girl from my niece otherwise she runs with my laser! (she loves when I make jewelry for her with my laser :wink:

Thanks a lot Bernd.

It’s so reassuring to get that kind of friendly support. You and the others are really stars :star: :grinning:

Sawmill Creek Community has a wealth of information, both for lasers, and also CNC, and even hand carving. When I fist got my Epilogue Summit (old) laser, I learned about how to set up a photo for raster engraving. Great site, and helpful people.