Another Power Scale Issue

I’m reposting because now I have pictures… I really think it’s an easy fix, I just don’t know the magic switch.

I have a Frankenstein K40 with the original power supply and a Cohesion3D board. In Lightburn, when I set the power scale I don’t get a change in power. I have my max and min % set correctly for my tube and my potentiometer is set to the max output of 15mA. When I change my max power of the layer it acts correctly. If I set the max for the layer to 100% and set the power scale of an shape, say to 10%, I get the max current set on the layer not the power scale of the shape. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? I also changed the PWM to 400 from 200 with no change. I’m not using the 5v out of the power supply to the board as per the instructions. I’m running the PWM through a pot to have a hard limit on the max power. I’m running smoothieware.

A couple more pics…

I double checked the PWM setting with the test code. It all works correctly. I have a feeling I have a bad firmware or there is a bug. I’m running a new C3D board ant the newest smoothieware.

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