Another questions about boolean operations

Windows 10, version 0.9.04, Ruida

Just when I thought I was understanding how the Boolean operations worked everything fell apart for me.

I have two shapes one is the rectangular shape and the other is the ellipse. I have converted the ellipse to a path.

When I select both shapes all the booleans operators are grayed out except for the “Weld” which does not do what I want.

I would like the final shape to look like this (which I made by node editing the vectors)

I know I am forgetting something important but have no idea what.

The marquee for the large rectangle shows that it is a group of items. Will your objective be gained if you ungroup that rectangle and boolean the portions required?

That was exactly the problem, thanks

The rectangle had one unjoined vector in it that was hidden since the entire object was grouped. So evidently the booleans only are active if both selected shapes are closed vectors. Except for the Weld which does not seem to care about it.

Weld is a little less strict in how it handles things. I recently added a check to make sure that all the sources are closed shapes to the boolean ops because a couple people were trying to boolean a line with a shape, and confused that the output wasn’t what they were expecting. I might set the weld operation to work the same way, since it technically has the same restrictions. Open shapes are just ignored when welding.

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