Another Rotary Setup Question

(Nate) #1

This is on a shenhui-350 laser. I can get the rotary to work in the x- and y-axis but the y-axis (rotary) doesn’t stretch out far enough. It is bout 20% shorter than it should be.

To setup I started with 0 steps per rotation, 25mm roller diameter and 79.2mm part diameter. The last two were measured dimensions. The part that I don’t understand is the steps per rotation doesn’t change anything on the function of the rotary. I can drop that to any number, I went as small as 10, and it still cuts that axis the same. The x-axis works great. No issues there…

EDIT: I should add that I am using the latest version of LB (.9.02)

(fred ungewitter) #2

Have you used the “enable rotary” feature and received a response indicating that it was accepted by the laser?

(Nate) #3

Is that somewhere other than Tools > Rotary Setup?

(Oz) #4

Which controller is in your laser? Older Ruida controllers, like the RDLC-320A, don’t support rotary settings, so you actually have to change the Y steps or Y scale. I want to detect and manage this for you in LightBurn, but haven’t yet.

(Nate) #5

Maybe that is the issue. I don’t have as fancy of a screen on my laser so I think its the older type. LB says it connects to a 644xg but I’m not sure that is true. But it works for other stuff.

(Oz) #6

When you change the settings and then return to the rotary setup page, are they still present, or revert to some other values?

(Nate) #7

sorry, I missed this reply… They are still present. They don’t revert. They stay the same thing that I typed in but they don’t change the behavior of the machine as all.

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