Any chance of a materials source thread to be built?

There’s a lot of new people here, me included, and one of the challenges I face is finding the right materials.

Home Depot is crazy expensive, I found some blanks on Amazon but not quite the right size or thickness.

So maybe you could add a “source” category? Wood, acrylic etc, whatever the forum needs to complete their projects and make money to buy more lasers and more lightburns?

What do you think?

You could ask the community if they would share and use this, but we do have a place to start…

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Sorry, still trying to get the hang of the forum. I’m sure someone can sell the materials, I myself am personally interested in listings and resources that other’s have found. Although if other industries are any indication, most folks keep their sources to themselves.

I’ll ask the forum if you and your team would add the category if people wanted it.