Any chances on getting LightBurn to work with WinCNC?

The laser module on VCarve leaves a lot to be desired.

Lightburn works over USB for grbl controllers and/or Ethernet.

If I’m not mistaken, the WinCNC has a board that goes in the pci slot of your pc and that goes to another daughter board that controls the devices.

It’s not a supported controller for LightBurn that I know of. The listed controller are on the home page I think…

Good luck


I am using Lightburn on my Shopsabre (WinCNC controller) for both engraving and raster images. It is an interesting challenge due to the servo lag involved on a router that uses servos but relatively easy to calibrate for different feedrates (this is the same calibration that the WinCNC requires to use their native laser image rastering software, which does a good job but no flexibility like Lightburn). Once the calibration/offset is determined it is used by a LUA program I wrote that will convert the Lightburn g-code generated file to properly align the raster lines. The other factor is that Lightburn outputs different laser power and a few other G&M codes, but my program will convert those automatically to ones that the WinCNC controller understands.

Contact me by personal message and I will get you set up.

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I should have mentioned that the vectric laser module will work fine for engraving and will allow you to integrate laser engraved lines with your other traditional toolpaths on your project very nicely. I use the post processor on the J-Tech web site to interface Lightburn with the WinCNC controller for engraving. It is the raster images that will not work because Vectric does not handle the servo lag of the machines so the images are very blurry because as the laser moves back and forth on the x axis to raster the image, the laser turn on is slightly out of sync with the actual location of the cnc spindle. This is a constant offset based on the feedrate selected so you measure it once (very easy) and then plug the value of the offset into my conversion program (one time) for each of the feedrates you plan to use in Lightburn. Then simply run the conversion program on the g-code file from Lightburn (using a Marlin output) to create the g-code file that will run perfectly on the WinCNC router.

Hi Patrick, I would appreciate any guidance on getting WinCNC running with LightBurn. I don’t have servos, just stepper motors, and have my J Tech laser working fine in Aspire. I also use the ShopSabre PP for Aspire. I tried all of the standard devices exporting the GCode but there are still errors with too many commands etc. Thank you!

I don’t have personal experience with WIncnc and steppers but I imagine the process is similar. Perhaps even easier if there is no "Servo(Stepper) lag. Some of the G&M codes in the Lightburn output file do need to be changed for WinCNC and my conversion program should handle that for you.

I see a couple of options.

  1. Set up the LUA application and run my conversion program (I used the free/ easy to use “Zerobrane” software on my WIndows 10 and 11 computers). I will send you the LUA conversion program (Lightburn/Marlin to WinCNC g-code) to run and you can try it. You will need to set up Lightburn with a Marlin output and I will provide the necessary settings to you. The converted g-code program should run fine on WinCNC. Can’t hurt to see what you get when you raster an image. If there is a lag issue, the photo will look out of focus, you will need to try option 2 below

  2. same as step 1 but you will need to run a calibration program whereby you run a simple image of a set of lines, raster the image like any regular picture, then with a little magnification and calipers, measure the distance between the dots from the +X and the -X raster direction. For example on my router, the spacing is .120" at 300 ipm feedrate. The spacing you get is 2 times your required offset that my program will allow you to input and then apply to the g-code where needed. It is all simpler than it sounds.
    If I could figure out how to personal message you, that would be the best way to communicate, but I can’t. Text me your email and phone number and I am sure we will get you up and running. (858.414.4728).

Hi Pat,
Thank you for your response.
I took your lead, created a small file with the Marlin output, and edited the GCode. It took a bit of tinkering but it worked and the resulting burn on my machine was good. I will send you a text as your script is very much worth a try. Thank you for your help.

Glad to hear it Keith. Did you do an engrave (lines only) or a raster image? When I get your text, I will call and discuss specifically how to apply the LUA script.

Hi Pat
I also have a shopsabre cncwin controller and vectric with module BUT just does not cut it with raster images
Is there any way I could get some help ?

I responded to you by email a few days ago but didn’t hear back. (Perhaps that method does not work.) Just checking to see if you still wanted assistance. My phone # is shown above in the thread. Best to call directly as I need to send you a LUA script file to do the conversions.

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