Any Fiber Laser folks in the Ashville area?

I have a friend in Ashville who may be interested in purchasing a Fiber Laser compatible with Lightburn. She is a jewelry maker and needs to cut ± 1mm Ti and Sterling Silver sheets without discoloration or warping and it must be Lightburn compatible, since I will be creating the layouts. My initial research indicates 60 watts at a minimum but her pieces are quite small so a 100 x 100 mm work space is adequate, so a more clumated lens may maximize wattage effects?

I use a diode laser for leather cutting and engraving, so totally out of my bailiwick. It is also possible she may want to subcontract the cutting.


Is this Ashville Canada? There are eight more cities named Ashville in the USA.

These are really engravers, not cutting machines… 1mm thick is pretty thick to attempt to cut.

I did these arrows on my 60W MOPA, took 40 passes for 0.254mm thick brass. Only took < 30 seconds, but they were hot and bit discolored along with warped from the heat.

A shorter lens has a smaller spot and less dof. It’s also rather difficult to focus if its dof is <1mm.

Good luck


Asheville North Carolina. I have been able to determine she would need a 100 watt engraver and cost would be beyond her budget. There are two laser fabricators in Ashville and she will probably sub out the cutting work, which will make financial sense.
Thanks for your help!

First tipoff, need it to cut, these are engravers… even a 100W machine would not cut out 1mm blanks with no deformation or discoloration…

Probably much better off having them made for you.

Of course, a smaller fiber would be great for marking them :crazy_face: