Any function similar to Illustrator "Transform"

I cut out alot of jiggs for various things. I generally design my jiggs in Illustrator and create the 1st original template, then use the Distort and Transform tool to replicate that original, across the page so i only need to work off the original to make adjustments to the entire set.

Since obtaining a new laser, i can now manufacture my own jiggs. I tried to dump an .AI with a jigg setup on it in LightBurn and it simply crashed.

So i tried something else. I rasterised the jigg in AI, then exported as a transparent background PNG, dropped it as an image into LightBurn, did image trace and it works ok, some circles have got flat sides (so if anyone knows how to straighten these out, might just stick with this method)

However seeing as LightBurn is already quite powerful, considering you can plot the shape on the co-ords you want, other than duplicating, is there a similiar function to create clones of the original, like the Transform tool in AI?

Or is there another method im missing all together ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

AI files shouldn’t crash you. That’s something that should be addressed. You should try exporting to SVG and see if that works better.

Are you using Illustrator 2020 and a version of LightBurn older than 0.9.09? Adobe changed their file format and it crashed older versions of LightBurn, but that’s been fixed. If that’s not it, please email us one of the files that’s crashing so we can figure out why. (send to with a link to this thread)

What you’re referring to would be called a virtual array. It’s something that’s planned, but not in yet.

Ah ha! , no i’m using AI 2019. I spose i should come out of the dark ages and upgrade to 2020 :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome news on the planned update, i’ll be buying my key soon and updating for years to come. This is a solid piece of software. Big thanks to you guys. Love you work.

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