Any how to for cutting long connected words larger than Bed size?

I can’t seem to find anything online of video tutorials on how to do this. I boss laser 14x16

And I’m trying to cut a continuous word 12x36 inches on plywood

Thanks for any help or videos t

You can accomplish this but you will need to do some planning here to have things come out the way you want. You will need to add a few registration marks along your artwork and use those to re-align your workpiece as you move from the starting cut to the next as you continue along with the “long connected words”.

LightBurn provides a feature called ‘Print & Cut’ designed for things just like this (and a few others use cases :wink: ). Have a look at this post which covers this in detail:

Will you be making a video on this ? Thanks so much I’m more of a visual learner lol

Eventually, yes, but video takes a long time to create.

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