Any idea how how to make laser cut plywood less thirsty

Okay I have this idea that this should be easier than I am thinking… I have a customer that wants a Sign. They said be creative :-). So I started being creative. I have taken some 1/8 baltic birch and cut their name/logo in it. My idea was to go in and treat it like a stain glass frame… Well first try on something small. I just put transfer tape on the back and poured colored translucent resin in and came back the next day. Welp it almost drank it all up! :-D. This gave me my next idea… If the wood is going to be thirsty might as fill the void with clear resin. So try two I put in the clear resin but… New problem. Even though I went out for a few hours and hit it with a torch to burst the bubbles it still managed to put a crap ton of bubbles in after I went to bed :frowning:

My next idea is to go get some polyurethane from Ace and paint it on in the edges and pour again. What might I be missing or what could I do differently?

Maybe try to use pre-stain.

One of my concerns with pre-stain is that the ones I have found are oil based. Based on the limited research I have done resin does not like oil based things :-D. I am a little worried that this would mess with the bonding. But I guess it does not hurt to try…

You could try using water based pre-stain

polystyrene instead of wood?