Any ideas? Camera overlay cropped

Camera overlay is cropped. Ran both calibrations multiple times. Still same issue. What it does show is properly scaled, just cuts of the same amount on both sides. Left the calibration at the 500 percent suggestion and even ran it at 100 percent and the same outcome. Proper scale size just cuts off the view.

There have been a number of people with similar cropped overlay issues recently. Many seem to have extended beds. I don’t see any reason why it couldn’t work but I’m beginning to question this.

Can you try one thing? Can you increase the height of the camera so more of the sides of the laser are visible and try camera alignment again? The main thing I’d like to understand is if a larger area is made visible or if the overlay size is fixed.

Well I understand but problem is I cant go any higher, because my camera is mounted on the ceiling. (Thats what I had to do to get my entire bed).

In that case can you lower the laser, at least temporarily to test this?

In your LightBurn Settings, under Camera Settings, try enabling ‘Rotate Capture 90 degrees’, and then re-running the calibration process.


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