Any possibility of supporting opening DXF AAMA and DXF ASTM files

Hi, I am using some amazing clothing design software called CLO 3D. It supports exporting patterns in a number of formats but I’ve had compatibility trouble opening them in Lightburn. The preferred format for manufacturing is DXF (AAMA) and DXF (ASTM). These formats ARE NOT THE SAME as Autodesk DXF files! The are almost like the Gerber files of the electronics industry but the layers represent fabric cut lines, button holes, zippers, stiches, etc.

Is there any chance that Lightburn will consider support for opening these files and selecting the layers that make sense to import? Currently it seems that the only laser software that does support this is heavy duty garment manufacturing industry stuff.

That format was developed by the US garment industry to overcome the deficit in DXF that the native format presented them.

It’s incompatible with anything that isn’t specifically designed for the garment industry, in my experience.

Try using the AI or PDF export in CLO 3D - both are compatible with LB.

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