Any suggesting?

So this is a test on veg tanned 4-5 oz leather.

Power on the right LPI across the top.

SPeed was 450 in per second.

I’ve tried everything to get the lines out of the engravings.
I’ve done ramp tests and used focal point suggested with the acrylic that was sent. Tightened belts, wheels, etc.

Running the LU2-4-SF aufero laser 1


Looks like you can see the scan lines.

If that’s the case you’ll have to up the dpi or de-focus the laser, if possible, for a larger ‘dot’.


That’s pretty fast for one of those. (25.6 MPH)

I suspect the problem is related to over-speed and artifacts are being generated by the difference between the Traverse (not engraving - just travelling) speed and the engrave speed.

We’ll need to confirm the Units and the maximum speed in Machine Settings.

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