Any suggestion?

I, i’ve a cnc 3018 pro as laser cutter with a 5.5W laser. i would like to improve the power of the laser: can you suggest me a laser that is compatible with my laser cutter?
do you think that i can buy a better laser cutter? (i’ve a limited budget, but i’m evaluating all the possibility).
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The problem with those machines (I have three) is that there is a certain size that will slip into the mount where the spindle is mounted. This is a limiting factor. When I upgraded to a 500W spindle, I had to 3d print the Z axes and swap it out for the original to make it fit.

I’d suggest measuring the size of laser and sort out those that will fit your current mount and make a selection from those.

Most higher power, if they fit, will have an external board that supplies power to the laser, separate from the controller. You just have to wire the controllers pwm signal to the lasers control board externally. It’s not a problem. The biggest problem is finding one that will fit.

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many thanks for you fast reply! can you suggest a different laser engraver/cutter to buy?

What do you want to do… ?

What materials do you want to do it with… ?

What amount can you comfortably spend…?

Need to give us some clues for a useful suggestion.

It’s also pertinent if you wish to do it commercially… I’d probably opt for somebodies opinion that is in it commercially.


Laser engraving 90%, laser cutter 10%. Playwood almost… about 1 to 1.5 cm. 250 to 350€ is the budget.
Thanks again for your kindness help! :slight_smile:

For laser engraving, you don’t need nearly the power. Cut is another story especially for 10 to 15mm thick stuff.

I cut 4 and 6mm ply on my 50 watt co2, my led laser wouldn’t touch it. When you do multiple passes, it seems to not give a nice edge. My machine was $2k.

The engraving is easy, that thick of a cut, I don’t know what I’d suggest at your price range.

Start talking in centimeters the price goes up…