Any thoughts on this camera with LB?

I’ve already pulled the trigger on this, but I still wouldn’t mind hearing thoughts on this camera for use in Lightburn. I just got one of the 700 x 500 80W import machines. My table is about 25" or so from where the camera will mount and I read a bunch of posts where they said the recommended FOV was the 140° camera, but according to the math that FOV is for around 15" distance or so. I did a little figuring and eyeballing with angles and such, and it seems like my machine would be better suited for 90° or even less. So the difference between the math and what I’m reading is puzzling.

Anyways, this camera is 13MP and reportedly is 100° “non distorted” lens and I think that seems about right once it’s cropped a little according to my figuring. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m wrong, but I think I might not be this time. I hope anyways.

Here’s a link:

My link above didn’t work like I thought it would. Maybe this one is better?:

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