Any thoughts on this LightBox Project?


I’m currently playing around with the idea of building a LightBox for my PC which has had an Upgrade or two over the last week:

My understanding with these LightBoxes is that they’re using a piece of Acrylic with channels cut into them sandwiched between a translucent top and an opaque bottom. The Acrylic with the channels is then being Edge lit by a Strip of LEDs whose light is getting caught in the slots and dispersed in all directions - Ideally towards the translucent top.


Lightburn Concept:

The blue colored slots start / finish 1mm away from the edge of the Acrylic and will ideally only cut like ½ to ⅔ deep into the material.

I guess it also wouldn’t hurt to add a mirror finish to opaque bottom for the light to get reflected upwards.

Anyone having any experience with the concept and its viability towards getting a uniform Lighting effect? :thinking: The part I’m particularly uncertain about is the if the Acrylic in the middle is actually supposed to be transparent or just very translucent :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Don’t know how you would assemble it…

The acrylic is usually white and defuses the source light.

Unless you are putting some kind of strange lighting, most led go in pretty much one direction… so this shouldn’t be needed.

The only other thing it needs, the light source/screen must be able to produce a white color corrected light… depending on what you use it for… I use them for examining negatives…


What you’re describing here is similar to how backlights on LCD panels work. I believe for edge-lit displays the layer responsible for evenly distributing light is referred to as a light guide and is optically clear. Then another layer is placed above that to diffuse the light so that the light is softer.

If your only goal is to have evenly distributed light then you may be able to simply back illuminate and have a light diffuser over the top which evens out any hot spots. This is how TVs with local dimming work.

The purpose is an exclusively aesthetic one… Right now the internals of my Computer Case look like rubbish with all the holes everywhere which is why I’m paneling everything off for a more sophisticated look and the LightBox is an alternative idea for partitioning off the nice-looking area from the cable haunted PSU storage to instead of just adding another blank Panel.

I guess the Local Dimming approach would be a last case resort if the Edge Lit one doesn’t satisfy me… AFAIK the LEDs would have to be powered by the PSU anyway with only a GND and Signal connection being established between them and the Motherboard ( or LED Controller )