Any tips on photo engraving?

Still not 100 percent on photoengraving yet but I’m pretty happy at how this Tom Brady Engraving Turned Out. Done on a Gwike laser with a 100 W Reci bulb. 9% power at 150 mm/s 350 DPI on pass through. Any tips on improvement would be appreciated. I still tend to get the various “blacks” blending more than id like

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I think it looks super, congratulations on that!
If you really want to play more with it it might be with the contrasts and or make it a little bit darker, but like I said, it looks very nice as it is.
Have you engraved it on the same wood material as the rest or is it something else I can hardly see wood pattern.

Appreciate it man! And same wood as always, using 1/2” Maple Plywood. Some other photos I’ve done have shown a lot more grain in the wood, not to sure why this one didn’t, but this has definitely been the best result so far.

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