Any users here who made use of the image library in RDWorks?

LightBurn is getting an image library, and before I finalize it I’d like to ask for some user input.

  • RDWorks shows the size of each item (I don’t yet, but plan to)

  • RDWorks doesn’t let you name shape entries in the library (I do).

  • RDWorks library lets you import a file, like an AI, and every shape in the file becomes an entry in the library (is this useful? I wasn’t planning on supporting this, but I could)

  • RDWorks lets you set a size value and import into the workspace at that size - is this used often?

  • Anything you wish the RDWorks library had?


I don’t use this but I’ll give some general comments on what you are asking.

If the items you are questioning are not a lot of work, why not implement them? let users decide what they want to use.

Import size value - being able to set a scale that’s sticky until changed might be more convenient when importing several objects and wanting the same scale. Seems that would be easier than resizing each object after the fact.

Just my thoughts

Just a little off topic on this but relevant I think, would be to have a trace back to the original image after it has been manipulated in LB. I often drop in several images and mess around in LB until I get the right look, but then forget what the original was. I did put this in as a feature request a couple of weeks ago, but worth a mention here?



This info is already stored in the LightBurn file - you can go to Edit > Refresh bitmap and it’ll reload, but the name isn’t currently exposed anywhere.

Cool, that could prove very useful, I wondered what that was…

Might there be a Drag&Drop Option, so I can drop an Image from Explorer to LB/LB-Lib?

You can copy / paste from Explorer into LightBurn, then add it to the library. Drag & Drop from explorer doesn’t work even in LightBurn yet - I’ve looked into it a little, but it doesn’t drop a picture as far as I’ve been able to tell, but an HTML link to it. I would need to download it first. I do want the ability to drag from the edit window in LightBurn into the art library, but that likely won’t happen immediately.

Maybe there is another image library in RDW that I am not aware of because all of mine are labeled under the thumbnail with whatever I named it. This is the location that I have hundreds of thumbnails to open with a simple click.
My use of RDW image library is as follows
Under File dropdown
Click Image Library
I have 32 library folders created inside of this.
First one is 3D which includes 63 images of all the 3d files I have created or downloaded to cut from acrylic. About the middle one is titled Logo’s which has 54 images in it. The last one is named Wedding which includes 29 images that I have stored as well.
Each image shows a thumbnail view and the name of each. They are in the order in which they were created.
When I open one of them (or more) they are opened the exact size that I saved them in. This is VERY important in most of my cases because I have already created them and not interested in having to do the same work over again. Some of these are actually templates to size needed so that when it is opened I simply size my text or image to this template and then delete the template(s) for things like coasters and tumblers, etc.

So far you’re describing exactly how the LightBurn library works too, with one difference - In LightBurn the entries in a library will be sorted alphabetically by whatever you name them.

Thank you, alphabetically would be great.

Great ideas Oz. For me, I have so many layers in the maps I create. After the GIS I use Illustrator to clean, sort and label the layers. I’m not sure yet how I would utilize these features but I’m looking forward to testing.

It just dawned on me that it would be great if that feature will allow us to create and add our own items to the library. I’m getting to where I have so many designs and all that it’s cumbersome, even when I have them organized in folders. I still have to navigate to the folders and all.

That is what the image library is for, your own items. I don’t think LB is going to create any of the images in the library, just make it available as a great tool for items you have created and a quick easy way to get to them again.

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