Any way to view a UD5 file?

I am using a template I made in lightburn to engrave some outlet covers. I can only do about 20 at once, so I need to keep saving the file as a new UD5 file every time the text needs to be changed. Is there any way for me to view these files on my computer before I send them to the machine? To be clear, I dont have several lightburn files saved, only several UD5 files. Thanks

LaserCad may, but LightBurn does not provide a way to view these files at this point. A thumbnail is displayed on the HMI control panel when you load a file. :slight_smile:

Okay. It doesn’t look like LaserCad will open the file, but I figured that would be the case. The file is an array of very tiny text so I am unable to make it out on the screen.

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