Anybody have experience with a Send Cut Send controller?

I’m trying to help someone setup a 150w cutter they bought from a repair guy. Similar to a AF4063-150 from Omtech

Seems to be a custom Send Cut Send controller with leadshine drivers. No documentation and can’t ask the seller. Not a great situation to be in!

Just seeing if anyone has dealt with one of these boards before?

Lightburn is working. I can control movement, but there are some issues. Laser says it’s on, but doesn’t fire. Test fire works though. Z axis moves when homing, trying to smash itself into the laser head. Tried turning off in settings and no change.

I’m guessing one or two little tweak will solve my issues, but since I can’t get the settings files, I’m grasping at straws.

Not sure if anyone has ideas, but I figured I’d give it a shot.

I thought SendCutSend was a service company, providing custom cutting and finishing services. Not aware they produced a motion control system as well. As a large service provider, they may have had custom control needs and had another manufacture produce these solutions for them. If you have access to the seller, do they know who the original Mfg might be? Did it come with additional software, besides LightBurn? When you installed LightBurn, did you use the ‘Find my Laser’ feature, or did you add manually? Which Device Profile are you finding some success? Let’s start with this. :slight_smile:

beside Ricks questions i would ask
Are there any other controllers/electronics in the machine

That seems a way too simple board to controll the firing too


Good point @gilaraujo. Yes, Please. Send additional pictures of the keypad (HMI) and a few from the electronics cabinet. Show us as much as you can get to, so we can “see” as much as possible as if we were there. :slight_smile:

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@Rick They are a service company! Local and I guess they sold off old machines which is how the guy I’m helping got it, by way of another party. Interesting that they’d make a board though.

The only other photo I have right now is of the drivers until I go back.

To the right of them are two power supplies and a contactor.

Also there is a Cloudray myjg-150w power supply hooked up.

The screen/controls don’t seem to be used, but the estop/lights do work.

No access to the seller, I asked.

The seller had told him which version of lightburn to buy, but when I go back, need to verify that.

GRBL was highlighted/selected when going through the setup.

I’ll have to get more photos of the controls and electronics.

According to the guy I’m helping, the whole thing was working before he bought it and moved it to his shop.

Since I didn’t see how it all went together, I’m having to figure it out.

Thank you and @gilaraujo for replying!

I’ll update this when I go back and work on it.

given that you have trigger issues this is the place to look at
Carefully though!
Have you looked at the tube too?

Also whats that wiring hanging at the top of the controller?
Any markings that would indicate the connectors?


Yes, please do. When onsite, see if they can identify the software used when in working condition.

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Have you looked at the tube too?

Took a look, didn’t see anything unusual.

Also whats that wiring hanging at the top of the controller?

That I’ll have to trace it back. He didn’t know what it was and it didn’t look broken off of the board. Seems to lead to the buttons on top.

you would need to test the trigger high voltate line, but i am really not confortable advising how to do that.

Just wanted to post an update.

I went back to work on it and didn’t make any progress until we got the guy who sold it to come take a look.

Turns out the chiller needed a connection to the laser controller. It wouldn’t fire because it didn’t think the pump was going. But the test fire bypasses that.

Silly. I knew it was something simple. I had asked multiple times if that’s how the buyer saw the seller had plugged everything in.

Jumping the pump monitor connection made it work. Now he’s going to get the chiller wired up to the controller so it works properly.

As for the wild z movement. The company never used it as their custom board does not support it. They ran their lasers 14 hours a day, full sheets at a time and manually moved it around.

Thanks for all the help!