Anybody using a Monport fiber?

I am about to purchase my first laser and would like to know if anybody has any advice about the Monport GA 100W

Do you need 100W?

Lenses at or above 100W go up from $60 to $480 when you cross the 100W threshold.

My 4 lenses cost me about $250… if my machine was a 100W model, it would have cost me almost $2000.

Don’t know if I’d go with a Monport, but it’s really more important to know what’s inside.

Most of these buy the source, controller and galvo then assemble it with their logo…

Good luck


Thanks for the speedy response. I don’t think I would need a 100w to start with but I don’t want to have buyer’s remorse in a year or two. I plan on taking this one to some trade shows and was thinking the 100w would be a bit faster to complete more jobs with.

I have the Monport GI60 MOPA fiber laser. I like it and business wise use it mainly for stainless steel tumblers. I have youtube videos about it if you’d like to check it out.

@lasergarage on YouTube

I sure will, thank you.